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With masculinizing mastectomy, you can take a courageous step towards your true essence, redefining not only your physical appearance but also your connection with yourself and the world around you.

High-definition masculinizing mammoplasty, or HD masculinizing mastectomy, has been a beacon of hope and transformation for many, representing a vital step in the transition journey for transgender individuals. This procedure involves the surgical removal of breast tissue, followed by contouring techniques to produce an aesthetically pleasing and functional male chest.

Over the years, the practice of masculinizing mammoplasty and masculinizing mastectomy has evolved, with surgeons worldwide refining their techniques to create results that not only look natural but also minimize scarring and promote quick recovery. However, the pursuit of a more refined procedure and high-precision results never ceases.

We have thus developed an exclusive protocol: high-definition masculinizing mastectomy. This procedure is the product of a meticulous research and development process conducted by our highly specialized team.

Our high-definition approach combines several advanced techniques, including the Ugraft method, to deliver a level of precision and aesthetic excellence. The technique not only focuses on the removal of breast tissue but also employs detailed sculpting and shaping strategies, ensuring that each patient can achieve a chest that matches their gender identity and expression.

Strategies for Optimized Scar Positioning in Masculinizing Mastectomy

The effectiveness of high-definition masculinizing mastectomy is intrinsically linked to the art of scar positioning. The strategic location of incisions is critical to ensuring aesthetically pleasing and discreet results. By making incisions along the pectoral borders and periareolar areas, we maximize the camouflage of scars, integrating them into the natural lines of the body.

Moreover, the quality of healing is also paramount. For this reason, we use high-strength sutures and special surgical adhesives in closing the incisions. These materials are chosen for their ability to adequately support the tissues and promote optimal healing, with less risk of complications such as scar widening or adverse reactions. This care in closing the incisions significantly contributes to the final quality and patient satisfaction with the procedure.

Resizing and Repositioning Areolas and Nipples

In the process of HD masculinizing mastectomy, special attention is given to the aesthetics of the areolas and nipples, central elements in the appearance of the chest. Adapting them according to male aesthetic norms involves altering the size, shape, and position, ensuring a transformation consistent with the patient’s gender identity.

This stage of the procedure includes the careful reduction of the areolas' diameter and reshaping of the nipples, if necessary, to achieve a look more aligned with male characteristics. Additionally, repositioning is vital: areolas and nipples are moved to a lower and more lateral position on the chest, mimicking the natural arrangement found in the male chest.

Implementation of UGRAFT Fat Grafting, a Revolutionary Technique

Among the innovations of HD masculinizing mastectomy, we combine it with UGRAFT fat grafting, a procedure that enhances chest definition. Using autologous fat, extracted from the patient, this technique allows for the augmentation of muscle volume in the pectoral region, ensuring a more defined and robust contour.

UGRAFT not only fills areas that may have lost substance due to previous surgeries or weight fluctuations but also provides a natural appearance, harmonizing the pectoral with the rest of the body’s musculature. The technique is valued for the durability of its results, offering a long-term aesthetic solution.

Furthermore, by employing the patient’s biological material, the method minimizes risks of rejection and complications associated with synthetic materials. This safe and effective approach to chest reconstruction is a cornerstone in the pursuit of excellence in masculinizing mastectomy results, reflecting a commitment to patient health and satisfaction.

Use of Vibroliposuction in Body Contouring

The vibroliposuction technique is employed to extract fat deposits from the lateral and upper chest regions. This method not only effectively reduces volume in these areas but also enhances the definition of the pectoral muscles, essential for achieving an accentuated male silhouette.

When to Consider Masculinizing Mastectomy?

This surgery is indicated for trans men who, as part of their transition process, desire a male-looking chest.

Who Can and Who Cannot Undergo Masculinizing Mastectomy?

It is important for each patient to consult with a plastic surgeon to evaluate their case. For masculinizing mammoplasty, it is crucial to harmoniously combine the surgical procedure with the entire transition process, always prioritizing the patient’s quality of life and well-being. Some conditions may be prohibitive, so it is important to consult with the surgeon for a precise evaluation and the best referral. Do not make hasty conclusions about your case.

Plastic Surgery

The incision can be in a “W” shape or the “smile technique” (the most commonly performed surgery), where the cut (and consequently the scar) follows the patient’s natural inframammary fold, which thins and stretches the chest skin to the maximum.

The incision can also be periareolar, following the boundary area of the areola. In the periareolar incision, the surgeon makes a slightly smaller cut, which may require additional surgical corrections later if the periareolar incision is not correctly performed.

The “flying saucer” technique can also be performed, resulting in a periareolar scar with lateral extensions. Each case should be analyzed individually.

The nipple-areolar complex (nipple and areola) can be grafted (the most commonly used technique) or a local surgical flap can be performed.

Important: the removed breast tissue will be analyzed afterward for pathological examination. Even after surgery, it is important to continue with preventive breast exams.

At the end of the surgery, a dressing is applied to help compress the graft and the operated area.

How Much Does HD Masculinizing Mastectomy Cost?

It is important to emphasize that surgical procedures, involving various factors and for which the surgeon’s experience is crucial, are priced in consultation with the patient after a thorough medical evaluation.

This cost is determined based on the surgeon’s experience, the specific goals of the patient, and their physical condition. It would be unfair to "standardize" a price beforehand. Each case is unique and needs to be evaluated with care, attention, and individualized consideration for the best cost-benefit for each patient.

Pre- and Post-Operative Guidelines for Recovery and Maintenance

The care protocol includes detailed instructions on permitted and recommended physical activities before and after surgery. Adherence to these guidelines is essential to ensure the integrity of surgical results and facilitate a stable and efficient recovery.

Pre-Operative Care for Masculinizing Mastectomy

Generally, in the days leading up to the surgery, it is recommended to avoid alcohol and smoking, use antiseptic soap during baths, carefully shave the areas to be addressed (if applicable), and suspend the use of certain medications such as anticoagulants, among others.

Attention: If you take any regular medication, be sure to inform the surgeon for proper guidance.

Post-Operative Care for Masculinizing Mastectomy

To achieve the best results, it is essential that the patient follows our instructions precisely. These include:

  • Avoid driving and rest in the first few days;
  • Avoid physical exercise in the first few weeks;
  • Sleep on your back for a few weeks;
  • Protect the area from sun exposure;
  • Maintain medical follow-up.
  • The duration of restrictions for each activity is given by the doctor. On average, post-operative recovery takes about 15-30 days.

Recovery from Masculinizing Mastectomy

The recovery is relatively smooth, always observing movement restrictions combined with medical guidance and follow-up. Depending on each case, limitations may be greater, and support from other professionals may be necessary.

How Long After Mastectomy Can You Drive?

After 3 weeks.

Results of Masculinizing Mastectomy

With proper recovery, meaning following all instructions correctly and the body responding well, the healing tends to be very good, and in a few weeks, the patient can fully enjoy the results of the surgery.

With Masculinizing Mammoplasty, trans men who desire a more masculine chest contour can achieve a better quality of life and well-being, aligning their body more with their identity.

The Consultation

The consultation is a golden moment in the entire process involving this procedure. It is during this occasion that we clarify all doubts, the patient has the opportunity to get to know me, my work philosophy, and my experience, and also to have the best possible preparation for a smooth procedure and successful recovery. The trust and partnership established during the consultation are indispensable for the success of the procedure.

Here are some important questions you can and should ask during the consultation:

  • Is this surgery indicated for my case?
  • What technique is recommended for my case?
  • Where will my surgery be performed?
  • What are the risks and complications associated with this procedure?
  • For the best possible result, what do I need to do?
  • How is the recovery, and how long does it last?
  • Will I need help from my family during this period? What should I tell them to help me recover?
  • How should I expect my body to look after this procedure?

Choosing Your Plastic Surgeon for Masculinizing Mastectomy

Once you have identified with the needs described above and intend to undergo masculinizing mammoplasty, the most important step comes: choosing your surgeon.

Always opt for professionals who are members of the Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery (SBCP), specialized in the area, and have proven experience and continuous updates.

Given the importance of this step for your health and identity, it is essential to contact the surgeon or their clinic. Being aware of this importance, I am pleased to assist, clarify all doubts, and share my experience to reassure you and provide even more security in your decision.

In fact, this is one of the procedures in which I have the most experience, with hundreds of masculinizing mammoplasties performed and excellent patient evaluations, being a reference for this surgery. I feel fulfilled as a doctor by helping in such an important stage for my patients.

If there are any doubts, don’t worry. You can contact me directly via WhatsApp.

Precision in Masculinizing Mastectomy

In our clinic, performing HD masculinizing mastectomy with precision is a very important part of the job. This means we pay close attention to each stage of the surgery, ensuring that everything goes as planned.

Our way of performing high-definition mastectomy is special because we combine various advanced techniques to achieve the best results. We also care a lot about what happens after surgery, providing support to ensure a smooth recovery and discreet scars.

In conclusion, what we want is for each person to feel happy and confident with their own body. Our reward is seeing each patient's smile when they see that their appearance matches who they truly are.


Masculinizing Mastectomy is a gender-affirming surgery for trans men, which reduces breast size and projects a more masculine chest contour. The procedure is part of a gender transition process that aims to improve the quality of life and well-being of the patient whose body better aligns with their identity.

As with all plastic surgeries, the results and healing depend on several factors, with post-operative care being the most significant.

After surgery, care involves movement restrictions, medical follow-up, and, in some cases, a combination of medications and procedures. Like all surgeries, there are risks, such as potential infection. However, with today’s technology and techniques, adverse cases tend to be very rare.

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Dr. Guilherme was extremely attentive from the moment we met until after the surgery. He is highly professional and dedicated, always striving to do the best for his patients. I am very happy and grateful that he provided me with the freedom I always desired. Here, I leave my thanks and hope that others can achieve their freedom just as I did. May his professionalism and dedication continue to bring happiness to all those who seek it. Thank you very much, Doctor.

Lucca Miranda

I had a mastectomy surgery through the public health system (SUS) and I have no complaints. Dr. Guilherme provided excellent care, and now, 36 days later, the results are very positive. I was quite surprised by the entire process, not feeling much pain, and everything went smoothly. I had never undergone surgery before, but after meeting the doctor, I felt secure, and my anxieties about this surgery, which I had waited for years, were alleviated. It still feels like I am living in a dream.


I highly recommend Dr. Guilherme; he is wonderful at explaining things and very attentive to his patients. I have nothing but gratitude. Much success to you, Dr. Guilherme.

Rubi Folha

Dr Guilherme is very attentive and met all my expectations! He is a very careful professional in the procedures and also in the aftercare. I recommend it with my eyes closed!

Ana Carolina Zschornak da Silva

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